Forts in Maharashtra

Sindhudurg Fort: The magnificent fort in India

Have you ever gotten a chance to see a fort floating in the blue ocean? Yes, you heard it right. Sindhudurg fort...

The King of Forts: Rajgad Fort – A Complete Updated Travel...

Rajgad Fort, no doubt India is a country blessed with a diverse and rich history. The spectacular monuments can be taken as a reminder...

A REMARKABLE TORNA FORT |Travel guide-2020

     Are you stressed out from your daily routine? Do you want a break from this rat race. Oh wait, now you chose travel as...

Stunning Shivneri Fort [ Exciting place to visit now in 2020]

Make This Awesome Vacation Trip to This Indian Site and Be wooed   The Shivneri Fort:Is it that time of the year yet? That time where...

Harihar Fort

Harihar fort that is also acknowledged as Harshagad is a fort found 40km from Nashik City. It is 48 km away from Igatpuri and...

Malhargad Fort trek Blog [Sonori Fort]

Marathas built Malhargad Fort in 1775. Malhargad aka Sonori fort is last fort built by Maratha emprire. Forts in...

Tikona Fort and its majestic fairy tales

            About Tikona Fort is a fortress situated in the Pawan...

Sinhagad Fort

The state of Maharashtra is a diverse state. Maharashtra is known as a state with diverse cultural and historical heritage. The name...

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