The Achala fort is a part of Ajanta Satmala variety. The height of Achala Fort is 800 feet (0.24 kilometres), i.e. 244 meters above sea level.
The area of Achala Fort is tiny hence that this Fort doesn’t have many fortifications. For that reason, we can express the Fort was a watch-tower as it has a little drinking water cistern as well as a temple that takes approximately 30 minutes to observe that the Fort.

History Of Achala Fort

Back in 1636 that this Fort was first under the hands of Adilshah. Even the Moghul Emperor Shahjahan mail you of his standard Shaista Khan and entrusted to acquire all the temples in Nashik area. Alivardikhan was cavalier of Shaista Khan who obtained the Fort.

In 1670 Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj acquired the Fort from Moghuls. In 1818 Colonel Briggs won the Fort and additional 17 forts after the fall of Trymbak fort. Nashik is among their favourite places for hiking. It includes a great deal of massive, historical and magnificent forts. In monsoon, these collections look celestial beautiful.

Things To See There

1. Beatifull  flowers valley

Achala Fort Valley is covered with forest and beautiful flowers. You will amaze with its amazing landscapes. Walking through forest trails will add an adventure in your achala fort trek.

Beautifull Flower valley
Achala Fort valley is covered with these Beautiful Flowers

2. Ancient water tanks

Achala Fort has caves and few caves are actually water tanks carved in rock. You can see ancient storage of natural water. Soldiers were using these water for their day to day use in old era.

Achala fort photos
Water Tanks in cave at Achala Fort

3. Stairs carved in rock

You will find Stairs carved in rock at Achala fort. these stairs still help people to reach ar top of the fort.

Achala fort
Strains at Achala Fort

How to Reach Achala Fort

Vani is a small town nearby Nashik. Stroll 4 km in the village in the direction of Achala fort. Climb on the ridge, reach the stone wall. Then travel around for the north and then attain the cover of the Fort. Now you will encounter two moderate tier stone patches. It’s a two and a half hours to climb up from the bottom and also a half hours out of your beginning point of Pimpri Achala village, to reach the top.

how to reach achala fort
Road to dagad pimpri village from kelvan village


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