Aguada fort is named after Aguada which is a Portuguese word that stands for water, and by the geographical location of the fort, you can easily make out the reason behind naming this fort after water as the fort is surrounded by sea waters, which was the route from where the Portuguese entered into India and embarked their presence in the enriched history of Goa.

History of the Fort

Juliao Sima, a Portuguese invader who captured the fort during the 17th century when the Portuguese invaded Goa is the man behind the architecture of the fort. This fort was built with the primary objective of protecting the Portuguese from the Maratha and Dutch intruders. The secondary objective was to provide freshwater supply to the ships passing by the Arabian sea. It is believed that the fort is capable of storing thousands of gallons of water. The lower part of the fort was used to keep the Portuguese ships secure, and the lighthouse built in 1864 proves that any illegal activities taking place in waters were watched closely by the rulers. 

 Architectural importance

The fort was built, taking into consideration many valid points such as geographical location, availability of water, easier transportation, and many other aspects. You can clearly witness Italian design carved on the walls of the fort, which is very pleasant creativity. The lower part of the fort has a jail built by the Portuguese, which is a very out of the box design, and it was in use until 2014. The fort was built in such a manner that it can hold water for shipping purposes; therefore reservoir was built on the fort, which was once the most critical reservoir in the whole of Asia.

What to see at Aguada fort

  • St Remdius Chapel
  • Sinquerim beach
  • Calizz
  • Chaku arts and crafts

St Remdius Chapel

St Remdius is considered to be one the most happening place when you are around Aguada. This place offers you the most pleasant environment to get lost in the beauty of nature and have some time for yourself.

Sinquerim beach

If you are a fan of water sports like scuba diving, this place is mainly for you as it has various water sporting options. Also, you can find several spiritual activities like meditation and yoga over here.


This place is highly recommended for photography enthusiasts as it is considered the heart of Goa, and you cannot miss having a picture of yourself at such a beautiful place.

Chaku arts and crafts

This place is known for antiques and handmade handicrafts with a touch of history. Tourists love to shop and buy handicraft antiques from here.

Things to do at Aguada 

  • You can climb the lighthouse to watch beautiful views from the watchtower with guards’ proper instructions.
  • You can do several water sporting activities at sinquerim beach or get involved in spiritual activities.

How to reach 

  • By roadways
  • By airways 
  • By railways

By roadways

This place is easily accessible by roadways as it is just 15 Kms away from Panaji; therefore, it hardly takes 45 minutes to reach over here from Panaji. Also, you can hire a private vehicle to get here.

By airways 

You can easily reach here from Goa international airport by hiring a taxi or any private vehicle as it is pretty close to the airport. Either you can board a bus to reach here.

By railways

You can easily reach here from any of the railway stations like thivim or madgaon. It is very close to thivim railway station. You can hire a taxi or private vehicle or even a bus to reach here from the station. 


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