The Amber fort and palace…Excursion through Indian history
India is one of the earliest civilizations within the history. Its points of interest are show all over the land of India. On the off chance that you want to know a significant indication of the Indian culture so I will take you to a travel to “Amber fort and palac”.

Be prepared and stay tuned. Before going inside few data almost its history will be curiously.

Location of Ambar Fort

Amber fort is located in Jaipur (the capital of Rajasthan state)


Amber was the capital of Kachhawa Rajput kingdom from 11th to 18th century. Amber take its name from the goddess of fertility, Amba Mata. Amber fort built by Man Singh I the Mughal emperor.

Its construction began in 1592 then Successive improvements and additions on the fort are made by successive Kashwakas kings over the next 150 years until the capital was shift to Jaipur.


Amber forte is one of the most famous forts of Rajasthan. It is known for its artistic style which is a blend between Hindu (Rajput) and Islamic (Mughal) architecture.

Amber fort overlooks “Maotha Lack” which is the main source of water for the place. Amber fort is famous for its strong construction which make it solid despite invaders through the centuries. The fort have four sections called courtyards, each courtyard has its majestic gate. 
• First courtyard (jaleb chowk) where armies held victory parades
• Second courtyard, a stairway connect between first and second courtyard. In the second courtyard there is Diwan-i-Am (the hall of public audience) and Diwan-i-khas (for the meetings of the kings with royal guests)
• Third courtyard, where the royal families were lived. Also there are two buildings Jai Mander and Sukh Niwas . between them there is a garden
 Jai Mander is also called Sheesh Mahal(mirror palace) as it can illuminated by a single candle due to multiple colored glass on the ceil. It was built for the queen so she can see the stars at night as she was not allowed to sleep in the open.
 Sukh Niwas is also called Sukh Mahal. The palace was made cool with water supply get water from Maot Lake
• Fourth courtyard in which royal ladies live.
Amber fort is a part of a group of 6 hill fort (five other forts of Rajasthan). They are a UNESCO world heritage site

Best time to visit Amber

During winter (October to February) to avoid the summer temperature.


Air: nearest airport is Jaipur.

Rail: Jaipur railway station.
Buses: available every 30 min. from Hawa Mahal to the fort, Jaipur is well connected by tourist buses and taxis.

How to reach the top of the fort?

Elephant ride is the best way to reach the fort. But if you want to opt a jeep it is also available

• Jeigarth fort
Jaigarth fort and Amber fort are considered one complex as they are connected by a subterranean passage. This passage was built to be an escape route for the royal family members in times of war to shift them to the more redoubtable Jaigarth fort.
• Nahargarh Fort
• Jagat Shiromani Temple
• Elefriend: S.K Gems Maota lake parking Near Daduram Mandir opposite Amber fort
• Sagar lake

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In the event that you willing to visit a markeable location from the Indian history. Amber fort will be awesome choice. I promise you with a non-forgotten, magical journey.

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