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Ranikot Fort and its The mighty dewar-e-Sindh

Forts in Pakistan: Pakistan holds a number of majestic historic forts including: Lahore Fort Rohtas Fort Ranikot Fort Ramkot Fort But here we are going to show you the greatest fort in the world, namely Ranikot fort. Famous traveling opportunities of Sindh: Like all other provinces of Pakistan, Sindh holds a number of tourist attractions […]

VIZIANAGARAM FORT (2020)- Heritage spots in Andhra Pradesh

ViZIANAGARAM FORT (2020)- Heritage spots in Andhra Pradesh Are you a history buff? Do you cherish the intricacies of the masterpieces raised by the kings? If you desire to explore the historical places in the state of Andhra Pradesh, then you should not miss to visit Vizianagaram Fort. From Chanakya’s to Nawabs, several kings have […]

Jaigarh Fort in Jaipur | Home of Worlds Biggest Cannon

Why Visit Jaigarh Fort? You know, what makes the Jaigarh fort significant than other ones? It is its cannon foundries. Jaigarh Fort has the world’s largest cannon‘ Jaivana’there. Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh made this unique and potent cannon for his empire’s security. The 300 years old cannon is proudly representing the golden age of Jaigarh […]

The Agra Fort | history and travel guide 2020

Agra Fort – House for Medieval Mughals: Visiting ancient places will never go out of style. Still today, many people, along with their friends and family, like to make their day memorable and to add up ancient knowledge by visiting ancient places. So, in this article, you will know about the beautiful architecture and India’s […]

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