A visit to remember in 2020 in Guna District – The ruined Fort.

Visiting ancient sites will add up your insights. In this article, you will appreciate the beauty of a fort. Let’s hurry to visit this beautiful fort. The Bajrang Garh Fort.

Bajrang Garh fort is an ancient and historical fort, located in Guna district, Madhya Pradesh state, India. This fort is also famous by The Jharkon Fort. The historical fort was established during the 16th and 17th eras by Khichi (Chauhan) leaders of Gagron state, which succeeding became part of Raghogarh state.

architechure of bajrang garh fort

The distance of Bajrang Fort from Guna is 10-15 kilometres. This historical fort prevails at an altitude of 92.3 meters, situated on the bank of Chapet river, and covers over 72 bighas of land, which is easy to be spotted. However, Bajrang Garh Fort was attacked by Daulatrao Scindia in a war, as he addressed his General John Baptiste, who destroyed the splendid fort in the year 1816.

At the period, Raja Jai Singh was defeated by their enemies. Hence, the fort was destroyed. Being wrecked and ruined, Bajrangarh Fort is still a site that brings many history enthusiasts because of its evergreen frame and charm. 

Historical Objects in The Bajrang Garh Fort: 

bajrang gargh fort wall
Fort Wall

The Four Directions In The Bajrang Garh Fort: 

Four gates are associated in four directions in the Bajrang Garh fort. Four dignified gates in this majestic fort are 

  • Guna Darwaja, 

  • Gadha Darwaja, 

  • Raghavgarh Darwaja, 

  • Mahalghat Darwaja.

This complex of the Bajrang Garh Fort comprises Moti Mahal, Rang Mahal, Ram Mandir, and Bajrang Mandir.

The fort is in the ruined state, but these elegantly structured mahal and mandir inside the fort are still intact and astonishes the visitants with its classic structures.  

The Great Well In The Bajrang Garh Fort: 

Besides the four gates, there is a well of water inside the Bajrang Garh fort. The great well was supposed to store water for horses and other critical situations. 

Ancient Temple In The Bajrang Garh Fort: 

The historical fort has an ancient temple that is visited by regional citizens regularly, established by the Maratha rulers in 1775, which is a sign of success and metaphor of their lives. The calm and peaceful environment of this temple captures the heart of the tourists.  


Gunnery In The Bajrang Garh Fort: 

Inside the Bajrang Garh Fort, there is gunnery surrounding the great well, situated at the complex of the fort. 

How To Reach The Bajrang Garh Fort? 

Bajrang Garh fort is an antiquated and traditional fort, located at Guna Aron road. It is about 8-10 kilometres to the south-western region of Guna. Although the fort is not in its actual state, because of its classical frame and beautiful architecture history, visitors and tourists are still attracted to the fort.

The directions of the Guna city are well-connected by roads to distinct parts of India. Guna railway station is the most adjacent railway station to the ancient Bajrang Garh Fort, while the closest airport is the one at Bhopal, at 188 kilometres from Guna city approximately. On the other hand, people who want to visit the ruined Bajrang Garh fort can hire a bus or taxi. 


Best Time To Visit The Bajrang Garh Fort (Guna):

The ruined fort is located in the Guna district in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. In Guna district, Summers begin in late March and remain till mid of June. The average temperature of the Guna is 30°C while Summers peak in May and exceed 40 °C almost. On the other hand, it undergoes cool-dry winters starting from early November until late February while humid monsoons, commencing from late June and remains until early October. Therefore, the ruined fort can be best visited during February and March when the weather is in the equilibrium state, neither too cold nor too hot.  

Fair And Festivals:

Traditional festivals in the ruined Bajrang Garh Fort are; 

Annakoot festival: 

Annakoot festival
annakoot festival

In Bajrang Garh Fort, Annakoot festival, a traditional festival is celebrated on Friday. At that period, Ram-Janaki and Balaji were adorned with blossoms and gave fifty-six sacrifices to the Lord. The believers visited the temple in vast numbers and took a handful amount of Annakoot Prasad as a gift.  

Tekri Sarkar Mela: 

On the celebration of Hanuman Jayanti, a huge festival was organized in the city on the Tekri Sarkar (Hanuman Temple), located 5 kilometres from the Guna district. On high mountains, there is a classical temple of Hanuman statue, arranged in fronting position to the south direction. This place of Tekri sarkar was preceding to the seventh century and the heart of Tapobhumi for sadhu saints. 

Attractive Places Nearby The Bajrang Garh Fort:  

Some of the Attractive places near the fort are; 

Bisbhuji temple. 

Jaingarh temple. 

Budde Balaji Mandir. 

Shri Shidham Mandir. 

Shri Chinta Haran Mandir. 

Prachin Shiv Mandir 





Hanuman Tekri Mandir. 

Nehru Park.  

Gayatri Mandir. 

barang garh fort


Where To Stay- Nearby Hotels: 

There are many inexpensive hotels nearby the Bajrang Garh Fort, in Guna with affordable facilities, including wifi (the best facility), good food, clean washrooms, proper beds, and a calm environment for visitors and tourists. Some of them are;  

Hotel Varun. 

Raj Villas Hotel. 

Hotel The Sara. 

Siddharth Hotel. 

Hotel Vedantam.  

Hotel Shubham. 

Metro Resort. 

Hotel Sangeeta. 

Jain Residency Hotel. 

Shri Hari Ram Jaat Lodge.  


Where To Eat- Nearby Restaurants: 

Whenever a tourist or a visitor visits a place, the second thing they go for is the food of a particular town. Guna city, situated in India and Indian foods are famous for its combined taste, spices, mixed herbs, and whatnot. Some of the restaurants which serve finger-licking foods nearby the Bajrang Garh fort in Guna, India. 

Tree Top Restuarant. 

Aastha Food Plaza. 

Patel Restaurants. 

Annapurna Prem Restaurant. 

Culinary Delights Nearby The Bajrang Garh Fort: 

Every state, district, town, city has a famous dish, including dessert delights. The Guna district gain the popularity in the culinary delights which are; 


Poha is a traditional breakfast in the Guna district. Poha is a dish consisting of boiled, pressed, crushed rice, and then condensed to make flakes layers. Poha is the healthiest meal in India because it contains carbohydrates, fibres, antioxidants, and whatnot, which are beneficial for health. 

Kachori/ Fried Dumplings:



Another healthier breakfast famous in the Guna district is Kachori. It is a flavorful snack, also available in restaurants and hotels. Kachoris are the rounded-flattened structure, usually made of flavoured flour, filled with sorts of lentils, beans, crushed potatoes, fried in oil, and serve with a variety of spices and chutneys, including green chutney, mint chutney, etc. 

Markets Nearby The Bajrang Garh Fort- Guna:

There is a small list of cheapest markets nearby the Bajrang Garh Fort in Guna, from where visitors and tourists can buy affordable clothes, jewellery, shoes, essentials etc. 

Takte Market. 

Burhanuddin Tahir Market. 

A-One Plaza. 

Smart Shopping Mall. 

City Center Market. 

Besides Bajrang Garh Fort, you have to see other beautiful forts and treks too. Click the link below and make your visit to remember 

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