While crossing The golden bridge built by the British in 1881  you can observe The Narmada river with water shining like gold in sun and The Bharuch City on the other side of the river. Bharuch is a district place in Gujrat State, India.  Fort wall of Bharuch fort protects the city from Flooding waters of mighty Narmada River in monsoon.

Golden Bridge Bharuch
Golden Bridge Bharuch

Who Built the Bharuch Fort?

As per the locals and our research we got know that this Fort is around 1000 years old, Bharuch fort was built by Siddhraj Jaysinh in 1791 AD to protect this prosperous seaport city. This King was one of the famous rulers belonging to the Solanki dynasty.  As Bharuch is situated at the mouth of Narmada river where it meets with the Arabian Sea it was perfect trading spot on the silk route.  

What to see there?

When we climbed up on fort hill we saw the Beautiful scenery of huge Narmada river entering  Arabian see. The fort was renovated by Bahadur Shah in 1526. When we saw splendid wooden carvings we were amazed and was able to imagine how lavish and glorious this fort might be at that time. 

bharuch fort
fort wall of Bharuch city

We like to note following monuments to see at Bharuch fort

1.Lalubhai Haweli [bunglow}

An ex-Divan of the former Nawab of Broach named Lallubhai constructed this building in 1794. wooden carving of the building will amaze you.

2.Dutch Factory

When Dutch attacked this region of India and took over the fort they built a factory here as it was a big trade spot. you can see ruined parts of the factory in premises of the fort.

3. Victoria Clock tower and church 

After dutch rule, Britishers came in power and they further built Victoria clock tower and a church as a sign of their victory. this fort will give you a glimpse of Indian history and will show you how the changes in power made this fort more unique.

4. Dutch Tombs and Parsee Towers of Silence

From 3 Km from the main fort, we saw some dutch tombs. Some dutch tombs were taken over by Parsee towers of silence. The ancient  Bharuch fort and beautiful modern Bharuch city are living together. they tell us their story of old glorious days and signs of various rulers tells the rich history of the great nation India.

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How to Reach Bharuch Fort

By Air: You have two options, you can either land at Vadodara Airport or the Surat Airport both are around 75 km from Bharuch city. Both airports are well connected with national and international flights.

By Railways: By Railways, you can reach Bharuch city directly as Bharuch railway station is well connected with worlds largest train network the Indian railways.

By Road: From Surat city, you can take National Highway 64 [85 Km] or National Highway 48 [75Km] to reach Bharuch city.



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