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Maharashtra is a land of more than 300 forts. Each fort possesses the seal of glorious history and cultural aspects of ancient India. The topmost visited and sought forts in Maharashtra areLohagadh Fort, Janjira Fort,Daulatabad Fort, Panhala Fort,Raigadh Fort, Sindhugarh Fort, and many others. Here we are attempting to bring travel and trekking guides of Maharashtrian fortsto youto make your fort trekking experience fruitful to the best extent. Happy forttrekking!

Sinhagad Fort

The state of Maharashtra is a diverse state. Maharashtra is known as a state with diverse cultural and historical heritage. The name...
mlhargad fort image

Malhargad Fort trek Blog [Sonori Fort]

Marathas built Malhargad Fort in 1775. Malhargad aka Sonori fort is last fort built by Maratha emprire. Forts in...
A view of Torna Fort

A REMARKABLE TORNA FORT |Travel guide-2020

     Are you stressed out from your daily routine? Do you want a break from this rat race. Oh wait, now you chose travel as...
The Shivneri Fort 

Stunning Shivneri Fort [ Exciting place to visit now in 2020]

Make This Awesome Vacation Trip to This Indian Site and Be wooed   The Shivneri Fort:Is it that time of the year yet? That time where...

The King of Forts: Rajgad Fort – A Complete Updated Travel Guide 2020

Rajgad Fort, no doubt India is a country blessed with a diverse and rich history. The spectacular monuments can be taken as a reminder...
achala fort

Achala Fort History, Information and Photos

The Achala fort is a part of Ajanta Satmala variety. The height of Achala Fort is 800 feet (0.24 kilometres), i.e. 244 meters above...
tikona fort

Tikona Fort and its majestic fairy tales

            About Tikona Fort is a fortress situated in the Pawan...

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