Historical Importance

Chapora fort is located in Bardez in Goa and was erected by the Mughal ruler Adil shah of Bijapur during the 16th century. Chapora fort holds many incidents, which takes us back to the rich history of the fort. It is believed that the great Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj son, Sambaji Maharaj, attacked the fort twice. At the same time, it was in Adil shah’s rule, and later it was captured by the foreign invaders from Portugal and ruled by the Portuguese king until the 17th century. The Chapora fort was naturally blessed with terrains, making it next to impossible for attackers to capture the fort. This fort is also known for getting featured in a famous Bollywood movie “Dil Chahta hai” and sometimes called “Dil Chahta hai fort” by tourists.

Untold story

Chapora fort was naturally blessed with geographical conditions, making it difficult for enemies to attack the fort. There were many attempts to attack the defense, but all resulted in vain. But Sambaji, the son of great Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, broke this belief by attacking the fort through climbing the walls, which seemed impossible for others, and entered the fort with his men. Looking at this bravery of sambaji, the Portuguese were in awe of sambaji and didn’t fight back; instead surrendered the fort. This incident didn’t gain much popularity back then, and hence this is the untold story of the chapora fort.

Sea view from fort wall of chapora

What to see at Chapora Fort?

Dil chahta hai movie spot of chapora fort

  • Vagator hill view
  • Vagator delta view

Vagator hill view

Vagator beach is very close to the chapora fort; you can see the Vagator hill from the fort and even reach the fort climbing the Vagator hill.

Vagator delta view

Vagator beach is so close that you can see the Vagator delta view from the fort and, in fact, reach the beach crossing the Vagator hill.

Places to visit near chapora fort

  • Chapora beach
  • Vagator beach
  • Anjuna beach
  • Mae de dues church
  • Calangute beach 

Chapora beach

Visiting chapora fort is a treat to watch for beach lovers as many beaches surround it, and chapora beach is one of them.

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Vagator beach

Vagator beach is another beach that is very close to the fort, and party lovers love it very much.

Anjuna beach

Anjuna beach is also in the vicinity of the chapora fort but not as close as Vagator and chapora, and this beach is also known for parties.

Mae de dues church

Mae de dues church is a famous church in Goa which is very close to the chapora fort. Tourists from all places come to visit this church.

Calangute beach 

Another beach which you can visit while visiting chapora fort is 

Calangute beach also connects Baga beach.

Chittorgarh Fort

How to reach chapora fort

  • By roadways
  • By airways 
  • By railways

By roadways

The fort is very close to Panjim and accessible by taxi, bus, private vehicle. It is about 20 km from Panaji.

By airways 

The nearest airport to the chapora fort, Dabolim airport, about 40 km from the chapora fort, can hire a taxi to reach the fort. 

By railways

The two nearest railway stations from chapora fort are Thivim and karmali, which are 10kms and 30kms far, respectively, so you can plan accordingly.

Therefore we can reach to a conclusion that visiting chapora fort must be a necessary thing to put in you to do list. A proper misture of history with a touch of partying culture is what offered by this place. You can visit Fort at the day time and go out for parties during evenings and nights depending on your choice of interest but one thing is for sure you will have is Enjoyment.

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