Kolkata, the city of joy, is home to many races and religions. Kolkata, the city capital of West Bengal, is the cultural center of India. Fort William is the most sought-after destination for international tourists.

Fort William


Fort Williams is in Hastings, Kolkata. The citadel was named after King William III of England in 1700. This fort was built in 1706, during the Bengal Presidency of British India. Robert Clive rebuilt this fort in 1758 after the Battle of Plassey in 1757. Fort is situated on the eastern bank of the Hoogli river. This fort is under control of Indian Army.

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What to See at Fort Williams

To explore the citadel, you need the permission of commanding officers. Fort William is famous for its architect and history. People from all around the world can visit the Palace any month. But it is excellent to see in October, November, and December to get the scenic view. The maidan in front of the fort is the biggest park in Kolkata. Tourist needs more than three days to explore all the areas of Fort.

HOW TO REACH Fort William

To reach Fort William, you have first to go Netaji Subhash Chandra Airport. Or you can access it via Howrah railway station.

Through airway:

It takes only one hour to reach Fort from the airport. There are 9 line buses and 138 buses available. It only cost Rs 50 to Rs 100 for a one-person ticket. The cheapest way to get to Fort William is line buses which cost Rs 40.

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Through Rail:

It takes only 19 minutes to reach Fort William from Howrah railway station by car. The distance between the railway station and the Fort is 5 miles.


There are several places you can visit:

  • Victoria Memorial
  • Indian Museum
  • Science city
  • Eco Park
  • Park street.

Unlike all the forts in India, Fort William is famous for the touch of aesthetic, artistic structures, and colorful history.

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