Forts in Madhya Pradesh

Bajrang Garh Fort – The Ancient & haunted Fort in India

A visit to remember in 2020 in Guna District – The ruined Fort. Visiting ancient sites will add up your insights. In this article, you will appreciate the beauty of a fort. Let’s hurry to visit this beautiful fort. The Bajrang Garh Fort. Bajrang Garh fort is an ancient and historical fort, located in Guna district, Madhya Pradesh state, […]

A Hill Fort , Gwalior Fort: The Land Mark

A Hill Fort: Gwalior Fort Gwalior Fort is a hill fort stands on a rock in the middle of the city Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, Central Bharat. Its main building was constructed in the 8th Century, but the construction was started somewhere in the 6Th Century and was renewed and prolonged later on till the British […]

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