Harihar fort that is also acknowledged as Harshagad is a fort found 40km from Nashik City. It is 48 km away from Igatpuri and 40 km away from Ghoti in Nashik region, of Maharashtra. Mumbai to Harihar fort distance is 120 km.

After being built in Pankaj field, this fort was hand over to Khan Zamam along with a few other forts in 1963. Various travellers are being witnessed exploring this fort through buses and trains. This fort is considered as one of the oldest forts of India.

If we talk about the forts in India, then Maharashtra state is enriched with many hill forts. You can find many forts in every district of Maharashtra. Unfortunately, with time they have just become trekking spot. You might have learned about the harhar fort difficulty level which is true as you have to climb rock stones to reach the spot.

Harihar Fort History

Harihar Fort History

If we look back at the history of this fort, it was specifically made to safeguard trade route. After its establishment, it kept under various Invador’s hands including Captain. Briggs until the British Army took it over. Unfortunately, today, this fort has become no less than a trekking route as it has completely ruined.

To reach this fort the visitors have to climb many rock-cut steps as there is no other way to get there. Harshewadi and Nirgudpada are 2 villages from where the path starts. Harihar fort trek is one of the acknowledged place to visit.

Many people from across the globe come and visit this fort for trekking purpose. Though you can reach there any time, you want yet you should also consider the weather condition before going there. It is better to choose the months from October to Feb when the weather is pleasant. If you ever plan to visit there in Monsoon season, you should be extra careful while climbing the stones as it might be slippery due to which an accident occurs.

Reasons to Visit Harihar Fort

Many people love to explore Historical history, and they have a considerable interest in nature and adventures. If you are one of those, then it would be great to visit this fort at least for once. Once you reach there, you will get to know an in-depth history of Yadava dynasty and many other rulers hails from Maharashtra state.

What else? Apart from this, you can see nature in front of your eyes as much as you climb the mountains. It is the perfect place for adventure lovers as the track of this fort is filled with challenges that you have to face on each step. Hence, why not avail of the benefits of the adventurous ride?

How to reach Harihar fort

There are 3 ways to reach this fort easily including by air, By road and by rail. Let’s discuss in detail that how to make the way accessible for the visitors.

By Road

It is not possible to reach the top of the hill by road because you have to climb the mountains. However, to get the spot you can travel from the bus or car. Afterwards, you can climb that adventurous track with a bit of a challenge.

By Rail

If you are planning to enjoy this adventurous trekking spot with your loved ones through Railways, then you should go for Nashik railway track as it is nearer to the fort. Many people from everywhere visit that fort through this railway. Later, you can look for a taxi to reach your destination.

By Air

Many people who can afford or who want to be there without wasting much time, they can go from airlines. The airport that will be close to this fort is in Mumbai so you should travel from there. After reaching there, take a taxi and go to that spot.

harihar fort nashik

Features of Fort

When this fort was established, it had a lot of scenarios to look for but sadly because of not having proper care, there is nothing left there. However, there is a progression of rock-cut water storages in the focal point of the fort. It hardly takes an hour to see every view of this fort.

Moreover, it still can be a worth visiting place for those who are fond of history and love to explore different things. Other than that, it brings you close to nature, and it is a rollercoaster full of adventures. Hence, it is a worth visiting place at least for once to get to know a lot of things related to your country.


Can I go alone on Harihar fort trekking?

Yes, for sure if you are regular trekker you can go alone on harihar fort trek. Few part of fort is challenging. There you have to be careful. You will find many trekkers at harihar fort so you will not alone there.

Can we do camping at Harihar Fort If yes any permissions required?

Tes, its totally ok to stay in cave or temple on Harihar fort for camping. You do not need any permission. But drinking and non veg is totally prohibited on fort. You have to keep place clean.


Harihar fort was being established a long time ago, but still today people visit it for fun and adventure. It is still considered one of the best places to visit in pleasant weather. If you are planning to be there sooner or later, chose the months between October and Feb for a better experience.

Moreover, this article is enriched with every element that you might want to know about this fort. I hope it has cleared your doubts related to Harihar fort. Be there and explore every little detail regarding it.


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