Why Visit Jaigarh Fort?

You know, what makes the Jaigarh fort significant than other ones? It is its cannon foundries. Jaigarh Fort has the world’s largest cannon‘ Jaivana’there.

Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh made this unique and potent cannon for his empire’s security. The 300 years old cannon is proudly representing the golden age of Jaigarh Fort of the Rajputana Empire.


The bizarre circumstances caused by the one-time firing trial of the cannon created its mighty appeal on the whole subcontinent. Consequently, it did not have to be used further; its impression did it by scaring the enemies and others.

You will be amazed to know that numerous movie spots took place here in the Jaigarh Fort praising‘ Jaivana.’

By the way, Jaigarh Fort has other features as well that are remarkable in the context of historical interest, architectural motif, and regional heritage. The high mountain and beautiful surroundings of the fort area attract the fort trekkers, again and again, to visit there.

The Fort Attractions         

The Fort Premises

The very first place you will get to see after the entry is the open courtyard of the then military soldiers. The soldiers of the king used to live there. Down the yard, there is the ‘Amer Palace.’ and Jaigarh fort is addressed as ‘Amer’s fort Jaigarh’ by the locals.

jaigarh fort

Maharaj Katila Deb created the foundation of the fort before 1036, and it took almost 800 years to complete the construction of the fort during the rule of the last king of the village Jai Singh II.

That is why the fort, the cannon, the Jaipur city, and other things are named after Jai Singh. Twenty-seven generations passed away by this period.

Jaivana: The Largest Cannon of the World

Jaigarh fort jaivana canon

Then comes the premises of the cannon’ Jaivana.’ It has thousands of the wondering stories behind. It was created in the very premises, bringing different parts and afterwards assembling them together.

It afforded elephants or 6-10 people to operate due to its vast weight. Its firing range was 35 Km. During the cannon testing, its round shot fell over a distant place and made a huge hole, which later became a lake. At one round shot, it needs around 150-kilogram bullet materials.

You can easily assume how loud its sound was comparing with the crackers sound of 1-2 gram. The sound was so loud that it caused massive damage to all the villagers and the yard; it is placed. People, even in present days, worship the cannon every year in the presence of royal descendants.

A Gigantic Water Reservoir

Just beside the cannon yard, there is a 5km long water channel that was made to preserve rainwater. Water through the brick made channel flows by filtering two times towards an open tank of 6M gallon capacity, which can supply water to ten thousand people for 2years.

This tank was made anticipating the wartime consequences so that villagers did not have to suffer in the time of battles. Villagers still collect water from the tank for their daily purposes. Near the tank there, you will notice a five-coloured royal flag being held high.

Another exciting thing you will notice in the cannon yard is the holes of the wall. They were constructed in such a way that through some holes, you can watch things closer.

The Palace

“Swopat Nibwas” is the place you will get to see is a part of “Amer Palace.”Let some confusion be cleared. Amer is the name of the village, and Jaigarh fort was made in a higher place to protect the village, the “Amer Palace.” and the “Amer Fort.” So, in the nib was there resides 300yers old furniture and hand-welded air coolers.

There are private rooms for internal political meetings. Palanquins for kings and queens are kept there. The palanquins and rooms were designed in a way that queens could see the people outside, but the people could not.

There is a yard for the dancing program as well. Inside the nib was, numerous tunnels were built to confuse the enemies during an attack in the palace.

Palace Garden

The garden here in the Jaigarh Fort is quite famous. Several movies have been shot in the garden. People also arrange destination weddings there.

Other Galleries

From the highest spot of the fort, you can see the “Sagar Lake.” and other places in the fort. In the “Lalit Mandir,” the king and the royal chiefs used to take rest then.

In the royal dining hall, they used to take their lunch of 36items in silver plates, currently preserved in the City Palace of the royal descendants. The royal lady’s hall is called “Chandrabati.” There is a place for the puppet show as well.

The Drilling Complex

Then comes the “Drilling Complex.” which provided an insight into the technical advancement of cannon building and science of military warfare. The complex consists of an octagonal room having a height of  31feet which has four wooden bars revolved by four pairs of oxen. 

The Museum

The jail of Jaigarh Fort has been turned to a museum called “Topkhana Museum.”

Suitable time to visit

Jaigarh Fort remains open from 9 am to 4.30 pm every day. The suitable time to visit Jaigarh Fort is from November to February. It’s because the sweltering weather of Rajasthan remains bearable and pleasing at this time. And the period is suitable for site seeing.

How to reach Jaigarh Fort

Through Bus or Cab: You can easily reach Jaigarh Fort from Jaipur city or Pink city by the frequent bus service of Rajasthan. Besides, cab booking is also easy and popular means for reaching the fort among the visitors. The bus journey will cost you approximately $1, and the cab will cost around $5-$10.

As Amer Fort, Nahargarh Fort and Jaigarh Fort are situated nearby together; some tourist service company provide reasonable tour packages to the three fort trekkers.

Fort Accommodations

Near the Jaigarh Fort, there reside several hotels which provide reasonable accommodation with a price range of $15-$250per night depending on the services.


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