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Marathas built Malhargad Fort in 1775. Malhargad aka Sonori fort is last fort built by Maratha emprire. Forts in Maharashtra are always magnificent places for trekkers. This is one of the best one-day treks from Pune. Malhargad Fort is situated near Saswad city.
We are sharing Malhargard images and information. So have a look at this history as well as the nearest fort trek from Pune.

Malhargad fort history

This fort is between Saswad and Pune. Marathas built this fort for keeping watch on trade route goes through Dive Ghat. This fort is made for military and protection purpose. This is the youngest fort built by the Maratha empire. We can see the presence of royal Pratapgad, Vajragad and Sinhgad in nearby hills of Bhuleshwar mountain range of mighty Sahyadri. You will amaze to see such a peaceful and best place near Pune.

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Malhargad Fort: What to see

This fort was built for soldiers, so you will not find any place on the fort. You will find the following things to see in the Malhargad fort trek.

Water well

You will find big well on fort hill. This will still have water. This fort is one small check post on trade route. It would help if you were careful as this well don’t have sidewalls.

Malhargad fort
well at Malhargad Fort

2. Watch Towers

Malhargad Fort near Pune has strong watch towers build with black stone. You can enjoy mesmerizing views of Dive Ghat and the valley. In monsoon, this valley becomes more beautiful with greenery.

malhargad watch tower

3. Ancient Temples

On the Malhargard fort trek, you will see ancient temples. There are two temples; firstly, you will see Lord Shiva temple; secondly, you will see Lord Khandoba temple.

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Malhargad Fort Trek

You need to take a private vehicle or taxi from Pune. You will reach Malhargad fort via Hadapsar in just 1 hour. The distance of Malhargad fort from Pune is only 30 Km.

From Pune reach Kalewadi. If you are coming from Satara or Baramati, you can get to Sonori village on another side of the fort. From Sonori, you will hike for 15 to 25 min on fort hill to reach on foot. Malhargad fort height is 3000 feet from sea level.

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