Raichur Fort

Raichur Fort

 Raichur fort is display of Indian culture and glory of Raichurs in form of architecture. India, the country with one of the richest and dense cultures of the world. India is famous for many things. But the thing that attracts tourists from all over the globe is the unique taste of architecture of Indian rulers. Number of Rajas and Maha Rajas have ruled this land. Almost all of them had a very unique and extraordinary taste when it comes to architecture. The view of their forts is breath-taking. Raichur fort is one of the breathtakingily beautiful fort in India. That’s why those forts are still in a very decent condition and are considered as great monuments.  If we say these forts are assets of Indian culture, we will not wrong.  

Raichur Fort

If you are someone who’s really into travelling and you are looking forward to travelling to India. To witness the outstanding architecture and live the true Indian culture. You must visit its forts.

Those forts have historical backgrounds and they definitely define the glory of Indian rulers. Like Raichur Fort is one of the famous forts of India. Raichur fort is located in North Karnataka.

This region is ruled by different great emperors. From Kakatiya to Mughals many great and well-recognized emperors families has ruled this region.  So this region is rich in culture and historic monuments.

History of Raichur Fort

 This region is being ruled by several royal families which makes it rich in culture. Forts and historical monuments are a prominent feature of their culture.

These forts and historic monuments preserve Indian culture and rituals of great Indian Emperors. Raichur fort was built by King Rudra of Kakatiya in 1294.  Chalukyas of Kalyani in his era renovated the Raichur fort. The magnificence of this fort increased by the inscription. You must be thinking about what inscription is? The inscription is basically writing on stone or something solid. The metier of this fort is that several languages are engraved here. For example, Urdu, Persian, Arabic, Sanskrit etc. Basically, these inscription reflects the whole history of Raichur from Mauryan to Muslims.

Don’t know who Mauryans were? Ever heard of a name king Ashoka? He was great king of Mauryans. He ruled this region for so long.

Raichur Fort is also famous for the red granite cannon found by soldiers from the wall of this fort in 2011. This cannon was from 13 century. This is proof of the richness of the techniques used for wars at that time. Raichurs have a remarkable history. These forts and historical monuments are proof of it.

Raichur fort
Raichur fort

Tourist Attraction in Raichur Fort

There are so many tourist attractions which, makes the Raichur fort the main tourist spot of Karnataka. Few are listed below

  • Hill on which Raichur fort is located, named Gubber Betta.
  • Raichur lake (nearby)
  • Stone inscription
  • 4 feat long stone slab
  • Ek Minar ki Masjid
  • The tomb of Muslim Saint, Pir Sailani Shah.
  • Markandeshwara Temple
  • Aam Talab

These are just a few main attractions. There is much more attraction for history lovers in this city near and inside Raichur fort.

How to get to Raichur Fort and internal transportation in Raichur

District Karnataka does not have its own airport but you can get here to the nearest Air airport, 183 kilometres away located in Hyderabad. Another option is 256 kilometres away in Hubli, Hubli Airport.

But if you also want to visit a big city in India and a shopping hub. You must use the option of Bangalore Airport. Meanwhile, you can experience the fast and adventurous life Bangalore too.

But if you want to get Raichur by train, many options are available. One of the best options is the nearest train station, Gulbarga Railway station.

Other than that, If you want to reach your destination via road. No problem. There are several buses and taxies are available to get you there. If you decided to visit Bangalore first and then you’ve planned to experience the historical and cultural environment of Raichur.

You can land at Bangalore International Airport, stay there. And extend your trip to Raichur which is 409 km away from Bangalore, you can easily get there by car or bus.

Where to live during your visit to Raichur Fort

Planning your complete tour beforehand will make your travelling experience more smooth and you’ll enjoy it at its peak. So here we are for your convenience. Following is a number of lists of nearby Hotels and places where you can stay during your tour.


Hotel orange suits is near to the Raichur fort and gives you best quality customer services with many facilities like free internet, Parking and transportation services, Food and drinks, Guest services 24/7.


Hotel Santoshi Hometel is another great option if you are looking to stay in Raichur during your tour. There are many facilities that Hotel Santoshi Hometel provides you to make your experience memorable. Facilities include parking and transportation, for your convenience they don’t have elevators, guest services are available 24/7 , designated smoking areas are also available so that if you’re a smoker you have privacy to enjoy yourself or if you are non-smoker no other person will destroy your peace by smoking.


Hotel Santoshi Novatel is a luxury hotel with the best services. They provide many facilities like free Wi-Fi, free parking, Air conditioning, Housekeeping and room services are available 24/7.


Another great option is the Hotel Karawali Residency. It makes sure your customer experience by providing you with many facilities like free Wi-Fi, Parking, Air Conditioning, business services, laundry, housekeeping and room service available for 24/7.

What to eat

If you visit India any place of India and don’t enjoy their cuisine. You are definitely missing something very special. So here is a list of the few best restaurants to enjoy cultural and continental food in Raichur.

  • Athithi Fine Dining
  • Hali Oota
  • The juice d café
  • Indian and Italian chefs

Raichur fort nearby other tourist spots

If you are visiting Raichur. You must visit these other places as well. It will give more colors and adventure to your trip.

  • Kanakanala Dam
  • Jaladurga Fort
  • Vanadurga Fort


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