Forts in Pakistan:

Pakistan holds a number of majestic historic forts including:

Lahore Fort

Rohtas Fort

Ranikot Fort

Ramkot Fort

But here we are going to show you the greatest fort in the world, namely Ranikot fort.

Ranikot Fort

Famous traveling opportunities of Sindh:

Like all other provinces of Pakistan, Sindh holds a number of tourist attractions like:

  1. Mazar-e-Quaid
  2. Kot Digi fort
  3. Keenjhar lake
  4. Mohenjo Daro
  5. Chaukhandi tombs

All of them have their own historic value but Ranikot fort is the only mysterious as well as a historic place.

Ranikot fort

Mysterious places are always a center of interest for wanderers. Ranikot fort, jamshoro is one of the great mysterious places in the world. Its unusual size, uninhabited area, least-known history as well as useless occupation make it one of the strangest places in the world.

Sindh Wall Ranikot fort


The aesthetically unique status of jamshoro city is also worth mentioning. The city is built on mountain MORRHA. The unbelievably beautiful scene of sunrise and sunset when the sun hides behind the mountains is the attraction of many poets.

Additionally, the Jamshoro bridge that connects Hyderabad city to Jamshoro is another worth visiting place.

 Mystery unrevealed

Childhood fairytales come to mind when we come to know that the real purpose and architects of Ranikot Fort are still unknown. Written records are also not available to satisfy the questions about its existence

 Without the use of a time machine, we are not able to meet answers even in this age of technology. Moreover, studies revealed that the British took over Sindh even before the completion of the fort and the builders could not utilize it.

. It was believed that this fort was built by Bactrian Greeks or Sassanians, but the latest studies revealed that it was constructed by Talpurs.

The great wall of Sindh:

This historic fort, also known as the largest fort in the world is yet to be explored. It is 28 kilometers from the Sann gate of Jamshoroo city. Its architecture is quite alike to the great wall of China so is often referred to as the great wall of Sindh. However, it is not a huge security barrier unlike the great wall of China.

Features of Ranikot fort

Although the exact age of this fort is not known it is believed to be built somewhere in the 19th century. Built on the Khirthar ranges, its walls go sometimes as high as three thousand above sea level and sometimes instantly slide down the ground.

The surrounding walls of the fort are made from lime cut stones and gypsum. The entrance gates are four, namely

Mohan gate or western gate

Amri gate or northeastern gate

Shahper gate or southern gate

Sann gate or eastern gate

Within Ranikot two small forts are located; Meri kot and Sher Garh. Both forts seem to be used for residence.

Artifacts found here are also different that include coins, engraved signs, evidence of sunflower, and that of a peacock, and arrows of different kinds.

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Root words of Ranikot

A beautiful valley surrounds the Ranikot fort with a small stream. Hence called Ranikot

rani means stream

kot means castle

Fairies pond; a myth

A popular story about a pool “pariyun jo tar” is told by the natives to their children for centuries saying:

“once an elder from a tribe noticed fairies coming down to the spring to bathe and drink water and flew right back on the skies”

Locals also believe that fairies and other noticeably beautiful creatures land on the fairies pond to bathe only on full moon night. They also report hearing splashing sounds of water falling on the rocks.

Locals also believe this fort as a residence of supernatural but friendly creatures. A sassy holiday is the best time to visit this aesthetic combination of history and mystery.

Hiking in Ranikot fort:

People visiting this fort do hiking road trekking and enjoy themselves. Some tourist companies are offering very reasonable packages in which they involve




And much more.

 So if you’re planning for a vacation pack your bags and join them in their journey.

Negligence of government towards heritage

Ranikot Fort is on the list of tentative UNESCO world heritage sites from 1993. Being the largest fort in the world with a 16 miles circumference is a very important feature from a historic point of view. Also, the inner fortresses contain 5 bastions each. The main Ranikot and Meerikot have the same entrances because of safety purposes.

Meerikot is present at an extremely safe place in the very center of Ranikot.. Additionally, it contains a water-well. These reasons make Ranikot an ideal spot from the military point of view.

But our heritage is being neglected in a way that there is no proper road leading you towards Meerikot or Shergarh.

There is no office of the related body. Our heritage is under the control of those who do not know what is the value and meaning of heritage for a nation.

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