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Sagargad Fort trek

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We have to start a trek from Khandala village situated at the foothills of Sagargad on Mumbai Alibaug Road. This village is 4-5 km before Alibaug. Sagargad can be cover in 1 day from Mumbai. Mumbai is 90 km, and Pune is 140 km from this fort.

Sagargad Fort Trek route

We found there is a 3 km raw road from the village to the base of the fort. And when we reach towards the end of this road, there is a water stream. The steps of the fort begin after the stream. Here we start the climb on sagargad fort. We climbed for about half an hour and reached the end of the stairs. Here on the left side, there is a way to get closer to the Dhondane waterfall, but we need to walk straight towards the fort. After trekking for an hour, we found path splits in 2 ways. The path towards the right goes to Siddheshwar Temple and Ashram. And the path to the left goes from Sagargad Wadi to Sagargad.

sagar gad fort
Sagargad Fort Trek

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After 20 minutes walk from the temple, we come to Sagargadwadi. It takes an hour to get to the fort from here. After a 20-25 minutes walk from the Wadi and crossing a hill, Sagargad’s fortification and the Vanartok are visible. It takes 30-40 minutes to get to the fort from here.

There is marking on the route. The way is bold. It takes about 2.5 hours to reach the sagargad fort. Be careful on the road from Sagargadwadi to Sagargad as there are chances to get lost in the jungle. The big horizontal fortification starts in the beginning.

Vanartok pinnacle view from the sagargad fort. Arabian sea is hidden in fog

Things To see at Sagargad.

There are 3-4 bastions. Need to climb on the wall to enter the sagargad fort. Restored Shivmandir, fortification wall, bastions, Gomukh water tank, an old building, flagged place, Vanertok etc., on the fort Can be seen. The water in the tank is potable. It takes an hour to cover the fort. One can view the sea from the fort. This might be why the fort name is Sagargad (Sagar = Sea, Gad=Fort). It took 1.5 hours to descend the fort.

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