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 The Shivneri Fort:Is it that time of the year yet? That time where you look back at the busy and stressful times you have had to endure for the past months? The time where you reflect on what has been happening so far.

Be it school, work or any other equally stressful event. Are you hoping to give yourself a break and looking for some relief? Of course, you are. Well, guess what?

I have been searching for the perfect vacation trip just for you. Yep, you heard that right. Have you ever been to Asia or specifically India? Any answer is fine since that is exactly where this special surprise of mine lies.

The Shivneri Fort 
The Shivneri Fort

India is a unique country with about 1,380,004,385 people as of June 2020. A study by the UN data. With this data, it means that the Country alone equals 17.7% of the world’s population.

Amazing, right? India is a diverse country with rich cultures, wonderful landmarks, great history, awesome tourist attraction sites among a host of other wonderful things. However, in this article, we will be taking a look at one of the many awesome Forts in the Country. 


The Shivneri Fort 

Due to India’s vast and unique cultural history, the Country is blessed with more than 1000 Forts altogether which is incredible. Some of the those are, 

  • Shivneri Fort 
  • The Raigad Fort 
  • Jaisalmer Fort 
  • jhansi fort
  • Gwalior Fort 
  • Fort William 
  • The Kangra Fort 
  • Red Fort 
  • Golconda Fort 
  • Chittorgarh Fort 
  • Panhala Fort 
  • Seringapatam Fort 
  • Mehrangarh Fort 
  • The Amber Fort etc. 

Standing at a 1024 km height, the Shivneri Fort was built about three (3) centuries ago. However, there are Caves inside the fort believed to have built for close to 1200 years ago making the place more intriguing and fascinating. Speaking of historical events, the main thing that makes the fort more special is the fact that the great 

Chhatrapati Shivaji Raje, a famous Emperor who ruled from 1676 to 1680 in Raigad, a then empire in India. This prolific ruler was born in this place and was an integral part of the Bhonsle Maratha clan.        According to so many historical writings, the fort was used to safeguard the previous trading passage from the town of Desh to Kalyan that served as a port. 

Directions to the base of the Fort 

Basically, there are three main ways one can opt to go over there but before that, I must mention that you might need to buy or go with bottled water in case you do not like the kind of water system available. One can choose the following options.  

  1. By Air 
  1. By Rail 
  1. By Road                 

 By Air 

If you are a foreigner from another Country or live very far away in India and visiting the place, you will need to go by air but since the nearest town to the Fort is Junnar, one must stop at one of the two nearest Airports to the fort.

These are the Pune and the Chhatrapati Shivaji Raje Airport named after the great Emperor. From the airport, you have to take a Bus or a Cab to the City of Junnar and then continue the journey from there to the Shivneri Fort.

It is not a very hard place to locate as there are many tourists from all over the world visiting the place day in and day out. It is recommended to book in advance before coming to the fort. 

By Road or Train 

If you are already in India and wants to take a trip to this exact fort, you can choose to go by train or take a bus, and if you have a tour guide or prefer to rent a car or own one yourself, you will also need to get to the Pune district first, but it is only by road so a train will not be able to take you that far. 

Getting to the Top of the Fort 

Once, you arrive at Pune, it leaves you with approximately 100km to the fort. Crazy, right? Do not worry. It will make the trip even more excited because of the amazing views you will see on the way to the place.

Ozar And Lenyadri are the nearest places from Pune. From there, you will go on to the city of Junnar. The Shivneri Fort is just about 2 or 3 km away from there. Yay! We are now officially at the Shivneri. Upon reaching the base of the fort, you will have two equally options to get to the top of the fort. One of the options is to go by the main gate which is easier if you do not have what it takes to climb and go through the chain route which is the other choice and involves holding chains step by step.

There are close to 400 stairs to climb before reaching the top of the Fort where you will have to go through at least 7 of the nine gates available.  

Some Things to See at Shivneri fort

At the very top of the building, one can easily spot other 4 Forts nearby which are: 

  1. Narayangad  
  1. Nimgir  
  1. Hadsar  
  1. Chavand 

There is a garden with different kinds of flowers. Right across the garden are two water springs which give a unique look and add a feeling of calmness and warmth. The walls on the fort was built with mud so one will be able to see and feel its texture.           The view allows one to also see all the small villages and vegetation around while feeling the cold wind hitting your body. Inside the main building is a Shiva temple (a Holy Deity in India), there is also a mosque available for Muslims or anyone who might want to take a look at and ancient statues of people who were executed during liberation for the Empire centuries ago. 


The execution chamber is still right there and apposite those rooms you will be faced with the holy room where the great Emperor Chhatrapati Shivaji Raje himself was born. Most Indians have a spiritual feeling in the fort. 

Activities to do 

According to most tourists who have had the opportunity to visit the place, it is recommended to go around the months of July and August because then the weather would be clearer for activities like having a picnic in the small beautiful garden especially if you brought along friends, family or came in a group.

 Yamuna and Ganges are the names given to the two water springs in the far open side of the fort just across the small garden. Some people enjoy looking at the scenery or try to explore every room in the giant building. Overall, a day is more than enough to explore the whole fort.  

You can take breaks between them to eat in the garden and eventually meet and make friends. The staff is nice. The building is highly maintained, the whole Fort is very secured and the fees, food, drinking water and Arts are all very affordable. 

Accommodation and other Amenities  

Getting a nice place to rest after a long tiring day touring the Shivneri Fort has never been made easier as there are more than 70 Hotels and eateries nearby. Some of them are as follows: 

  • Hotel Ratan Executive.  
  • A nice 3-star Hotel. It is just 1.1 km away from the fort and is affordable. It includes a restaurant. Local and continental dishes available. 
  • Hotel Anand 

Purposely for lunch or dinner but also has great accommodation services. 

  •  Saj by the Lake 

Very awesome place. Rated 4-star. Has nice and spacious rooms. A swimming pool, restaurant among others. A night is US$80 and is 17.9 km away from the Shivneri Fort. 

  •   Spot On 67905 Malshej Resort 

13 km away from Shivneri Fort, this resort has a conference room, a game room, a swimming pool, restaurant, neat arrangement and a small waterfall. A night stay is US$24. 

  •   Malshej Agro Tourism and Farm 

Very nice service, professionalism, has nice rooms, a swimming pool, a restaurant, peaceful environment and is 9.3 km away from the Shivneri Fort. 

  • Amantran Agritourism 

For our vegetarians, this would be the perfect place for you during your stay. Just 4.7 km away from the place and very hygienic and tasty food. 

In this Hotel, you will get nice suites with balconies, a fitness room, a swimming pool, a restaurant that serves both vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods. Just 10.6 kilometres away. 

  • Oyo Hotel Aryaa Regency  
  • 65175 Hotel Anand

1.6 km away. 

  • Hotel Nilayam Garden.  

10.7 km away. 

  • Hotel Bhushan 

1.1 km away from the Shivneri Fort.  

  • Mybhumi Agro Resort 

Nice place, amazing view, a restaurant, a swimming pool and just 11.3 km away from the Shivneri Fort. 

Where to Shop 

  • Vikas Agro Agencies 
  • Deepali Department Stores 
  • Abbas Plaza 
  • Shriram Pride 
  • Sharif Provisional Stores 
  • Neha Beauty Parlour 
  • Chavan Collection 
  • Shivneri Complex Umbraj 2 
  • Junnar SP 
  • Mavlankar Traders 
  • Hira Dry Fruit and Sweet 
  • O.V.D. Groupers 
  • Sagar Collections 
  • S.B. Collections 
  • Kiran Stores 
  • Kaelker Dresses 
  • Shree Fashion House 

Nearby Places to Visit  

  • Lenyadri Caves 

The Shivneri Fort 
The Shivneri Fort


This is the nearest tourist site from the fort. It is estimated to be about 0.7 miles and is also in the City of Junnar.    

  •  Manikdoh Dam   

A Dam also found in Junnar at about 5 miles from the Shivneri Fort. It is a great place to tour. 

  •  The Shree Vighnahar Ganpati Temple 

       The Shivneri Fort 

With just 6.6 miles journey away from the Shivneri Fort, one is bound to be graced with this amazing Temple on the Ozar road also in India. 

  •    Girijatmaka Temple  

Located in Pune is the Girijatmaka Temple near the Kukdi River and situated at 8.7 miles from the Fort of Shivneri. 


This is the end of our wonderful tour at the amazing Shivneri Fort, one of the many Forts in India. I sincerely hope you enjoyed it and you are already making preparations to visit this Fort. Bye now! 





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