Tikona Fort is a fortress situated in the Pawan Maval region of Konkan. It is located at a very high altitude of 3663 feet above the sea level and considered one of the highest forts in terms of altitude level. This is the main reason that has made this fort a trendy spot for trekking purpose and has witnessed many trekkers worldwide. It is surrounded by rich natural beauty accompanied by the Sahyadri hillocks, which adds up to this place’s beauty.

History of the tikona fort

It is believed that since the border of the fort makes a triangle, it is named tikona which is a Hindi translation for triangle and also it is evident from the fact that the geographical location of the map also suggests a triangle. This fort has witnessed many Maratha dynasties in the history and was also the centre for Pauna Mawals primary activities.

tikona fort
Tikona fort image [Arial view]

The beauty of this fort is also enriched by the presence of Satavahana caves which can be seen when you pass through the fort. The presence of Buddhist caves is a piece of strong evidence for the belief of the people that Lord Buddha had marked his presence at this place in ancient times. These caves hold the utmost historical importance in Indian history. Besides caves, there’s also a temple of Lord Shiva known as Trimbakeshwar Mahadev temple which has spiritual beliefs of many residents.

What places to see?

tikona fort
Tikona fort Caves
  • Morvi Dongar
  • Scorpion’s Sting
  • Lion’s Point
  • Lohagad Fort
  • Tung Fort, Bhatrashi Hill, Jambhul Hill, Fagne dam, and Visapur 

Morvi Dongar

This is a top-rated tourist attraction. This is a mountain which is home to various animals and birds, and also a variety of flowers can be seen over here. Tourists enjoy activities like trekking and even bird watching.

tikona fort

Scorpion’s Sting

This place is named Scorpions sting because the geographical appearance of this place is shaped like a Scorpions sting and due to this feature it had caught the eye of many tourists. It is 625 metres above sea level.

Lion’s Point

This is the highest point for trekking purpose and therefore loved by many tourists. The lion’s point offers various views which will surely please your eyes. Trekkers from Lonavala and Khandala prefer to trek to this point as it is very convenient for themselves.

Lohagad Fort

This place holds a lot of historical importance as it was the glory of swarajya where Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj used to store his treasury. This place has been ranked among the UNESCO world heritage sites at an elevation of 3400 feet from the sea level.

Tung Fort, Bhatrashi Hill, Jambhul Hill, Fagne dam, and Visapur

These are the various other places that fall in the Tikona fort’s vicinity and cannot be missed while you are on a visit to Tikona fort. These places account for the fort’s surrounding beauty and play a vital part in making Tikona fort looks so mesmerising. 

Things to do at Tikona fort

  • Trekking
  • Camping
  • Picnic to Lonavala
  • Enjoy at the water park


A trek to Tikona fort must always be in a wish list for any tourists visiting this place. This is not a long trek, and hence it can be best for beginners as well. While trekking to this place you will enjoy a wide variety of natural beauty which will make you feel alive.


Camping to pawana lake is the best thing you can do while at Tikona. This is considered the most happening place, and tourists don’t back off enjoying such a place.

Picnic to Lonavala

As Lonavala is not so far from here, you can always plan your trip such that you can pay a visit to Lonavala as well; this will let you experience two places on a single trip.

Enjoy at a water park.

Water sports lovers can go to a famous water park “wet and joy” that is very close to this place and can enjoy their families. 

How to reach?

By Roadways

You can always board a bus to reach this place as there is a frequent bus running for this route and you can travel by private vehicle.

By Airways

The nearest airport from Tikona fort is lohegaon so you can hire a taxi or bus to reach this place from the airport.

By Railways

If you travel by train, there are many options for you to reach this place 

  • You can get here from Mumbai either by hiring a taxi or by boarding a bus
  • We can reach here from Pune by boarding a bus.
  • You can come here from Lonavala as well.


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